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It's a beautiful day!
It’s an idyllic day in Bangalore today. The sky has shed its dreary cloud skin and the sun peers out in all its glory; yet it’s not the sun that scorches but one that soothes you with its warmth. The blades of grass dance to the music of the breeze. The birds chirp with mirth and the squirrels join in with their joyous squeaks. It’s the sort of day that makes all your worries look trivial and fills you with hope and longing. If I were a Hobbit, I would have written a long song, but since I am not I’ll be content with a little couplet:

The clouds have drifted, the sun is out
Gone are my woes, bygone are my doubts
posted: 9.8.04


Lol! It's an awesome day indeed! You've described it perfectly!

By Blogger Aarthi, at 10.8.04  

Sounds lovely... Bombay is drowning under the impact of the rains and the roads have shed several layers of tar and concrete to reveal potholes of all shapes and sizes and description... everything in the house smells musty and clothes refuse to dry :(

and yet, Bombay and the surrounding hills come alive and look beautiful in the rains as never ever.... The week-ends are perfect for driving around the emerald routes... and watch the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds....

what is it about the rains (despite all that I have said about the state of Bombay roads and my house) that makes people get all poetic and romantic ? :)

By Blogger Charukesi, at 15.8.04  

You are right - despite all the discomfort, they make the world feel like a better place to live all of a sudden! And yes they serve a gentle reminder that a bright sunny day is to be appreciated as well :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 16.8.04  

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