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Resilience of life...
The resilience of life never ceases to amaze me. I’ve seen tiny saplings growing in unlikeliest of places; places most inhospitable to any form of flora. A sapling growing inside a crack in a rock or wall somehow seems natural despite the odds against it:

Besides the construction frenzy in Bangalore, you’ll also see a flurry of cable laying activity. Once they have been laid, their hollow ends are often left protruding for months above the surface of the road. With passage of time, they attract pockets of soil deposit, and thanks to the regular rains in Bangalore, tiny saplings soon take root inside this most bewildering habitat.

What happened this Sunday amused and amazed me copiously. Sunday mornings for me beckon mundane household chores. As usual, I went to my Balcony to fetch the mop – just that what I saw was no ordinary mop! I was stunned to see a nursery of tens of tiny saplings sprouting from the mop! It had so happened that my mop had been lying in a begrimed state for 3 weeks (thanks to extensive traveling). One fine morning my washing machine had spilled water in the washing room. I had hastily wiped the soapy film off using this same mop. Within a week, thanks to the nutrition supplied by that mild solution of detergent (and encouraged by the salubrious Bangalore weather), the saplings sprouted unnoticed.

On a somewhat philosophical note, I marvel at how little life needs to propagate, and that minimalism always fascinates me.
posted: 5.8.04


Hi deepak,

Since u r an active blore blogger, just letting u know of the blore bloggers meet happening this sunday. am here to spread the word :)
meting place.. barista, since.. we always need coffee.
cheers and onward!

By Blogger newt!, at 6.8.04  

Hey Thanks! I'll join!

By Blogger Deepak, at 6.8.04  

Ok why am I not surpirsed that those plants decided to sprout in your broom? :)

"copiously" - Whoa now that's a word I've not come across lately...tell me, what do you do when the person on the other end doesn't comprehend these "big" words you use? I mean I don't know many people who speak this level of English - snobbish I may sound, but hell c'est la verite - so where do you find them?

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 6.8.04  


When reading you tend to imbibe all kinds of words - especially when your reading spans different eras and genres... Some of them get used regularly and linger in your active vocabulary while others gradually dwindle into depths of your passive verbiage and occur to you suddenly (and most of the times without any effort - queer are the workings of human mind :-)). "Copious" is a word I wouldn't use copiously but it so happened that it found its way into this piece unwittingly. It sort of fitted well into the sentence and so I left it there. As for others -- perhaps it will nudge them towards a dictionary or perhaps cause them to irritably overlook it or perhaps even cause them flee from this blog forever - when you write first for your own pleasure and then for others these thought don't trouble you :-)

And as for my somewhat refined (ok I sound a little pompous here ;-)) English (ahm), I am inclined to blame it on my love for Classics! You should only be too glad that I haven't warmed up to latin yet ;-) (sic hoc legere scis, nimis eruditionis habes)

By Blogger Deepak, at 7.8.04  

"Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur" - Anything said in Latin sounds profound, my man. :)

By Blogger Vivek Ravindran, at 12.8.04  

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