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Commute (yet again!)
It is extremely unlikely that on a visit to your home town you would miss your commute to office of all the things and yet this is precisely what I dearly craved for during my recent sojourn at Delhi. The soothing cool breeze, that little stopover at local food joint for a quick 10 minute breakfast and coffee, the little pockets of soil by the streets rank with growth of weeds of various forms and colors and those quiet stretches where traffic noise is nothing but a muted, distant echo. The walk to office during mornings prepares me to brace for a hard day at work and my promenade back home in the evening, under watchful eyes of somber pale moon, dissolves traces of day’s toil curing the mind of all its weariness:

At times a sudden gust of wind causes trees to rustle and boughs to shed a flower or leaf that traces down a path of its own - twisting, turning to the tune of aerodynamics, and eventually settles down on the scraggy concrete road.

I have done it time and again – my commute to office is such a high point in my day that I cannot help but romanticize it!
posted: 4.9.04


i like your photos. there's totally nothing wrong with romanticizing it... in fact, its not even romantic its frank and beautiful.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4.9.04  

Deepak! You won't believe I wanted to call you up and ask you to photograph the moon.

Was so beautiful and big here in Bangalore. I've taken quite a bit of snaps myself - not good resolution though, thanks to my cam-phone!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4.9.04  

err.. that was me - pandu

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4.9.04  

I'm sure the daily commute is rendered sweeter, when juxtaposed with what you were accustomed to in Delhi?;-)

Just got back from B'bay - read ur LOTR blog too :-) Going to post a blog soon that will DEFINITELY meet your approval and make you smile ;-)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 5.9.04  

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