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Musings on Photography
I have taken up photography at a time when digital photography is fast becoming the de facto standard. I still remember, barely years ago, giving rolls for processing and waiting patiently for the results. Typically each processed roll would also be accompanied with strips of negatives which I would look at and quip about the ghastly, ghostly, shadowy appearances of subjects in them.

The effort and running costs involved in conventional dark-room processing of photographs would have probably endowed my shot selection with a little more prudence than what I exercise today. On the other hand, it would have hindered learning by experimentation, by unrestrained trials and errors.

There are three shots, hackneyed as they might sound, that I definitely want to click one day. - A full bright rainbow (not like one here), a lightening bolt and a butterfly at work inside a flower. I recently went to a flower show (my first one ever!) in search of the latter. Though I didn’t quite manage a butterfly, I did capture a honey bee toiling to gather nectar from pollen.

I usually like to present a picture just as it was taken – sans any digital artifice – untouched, unaltered with its imperfections intact. I have manipulated pictures digitally but either to add text or to join them to make a collage. This time however, I wanted to do something more – perhaps add a little more expression to the picture than what it originally conveyed or maybe make it convey something it didn’t intend to. Here are the results:

p.s. if you think they are worthy of adorning your desktop, drop me a line. I’ll only be too glad to email a high resolution version across.
posted: 28.8.04


I always believed that image can convey more than words but snaps on ur blog simply out of world. I came across ur blog only 2 days back and since then I read all of them just to see snaps in them.
Really good.....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28.8.04  

C'est merveilluex...had to say it in French! Beautiful Deepak...won't say anymore :)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 29.8.04  

Great picture....Very good blog...

By Blogger Nithin, at 4.9.04  

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