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Happy BonVoyage (sic)
On my visit to Hyderabad last week, I was greeted at the airport there, by three resplendent, bejeweled ladies attired in their colorful saris:

Never before have I seen a traffic-police barricade as opulent as this; not to mention the somewhat redundant “happy” in the “happy bonvoyage” (hey you are traveling far away from home, why take a chance ;-)).
posted: 26.9.04


This sort of reminds me of something we did as kids --- going over to friends places to invite them for our birthday party --- The li'l kid with a big dabba of chocolates and a bigger grin on face going - 'today is my 'happy birthday', so please come to my house'. :)

Okay, maybe that wasn't really related to your blog, but I thought of it anyway, so figured i'd comment..

A first time commenter, but a regular reader. Always a pleasure reading what you write!

By Blogger Megha, at 27.9.04  

Ah those "Happy Birthdays"! I remember all too well inviting folks to my "Happy Birthday" celebration as a kid :)

Thanks for reading!

By Blogger Deepak, at 27.9.04  

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