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The changing face of Bangalore
Sigh! Another victim goes to the gallows. The oasis waits to be devoured by the concrete desert.

posted: 17.9.04


Many times when we walked over to the coffee day, we saw this building and we contemplated what would be the fate of this place and hoping against hope it would survive. I remember how caustic we were against the building next to this. It was like creeper trying to encroach into the idyllic remains of the old place.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17.9.04  

Sigh...its sad that beautiful old houses like that have to fall victim to the money-makin instincts of builders and the need to make more and more and more houses for our ever increasing population. If its not structures like this one that come under the proverbial axe, its large stretches of farm-lands...pray tell me where do the framers go for sow their seeds if we entice them to give away all their lands to extend the concrete jungle even more...
On a more positive note, the lanes of Koregaon park (Pune) have many such bungalows - set in beauitful gardens and shaded by trees that are hundreds of years old. And the colonial houses in South Bombay are now part of the World Heritage Site, so they are finally being well-preserved and we need not witness their demolition in the future!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 17.9.04  

I guess we, Bangaloreans should brace ourselves for Mumbai skyline in the near future. Tall, cold, concrete buildings reaching for the sky. Barely any beautiful quaint, elegant houses or green spaces.

It's already getting there. I shudder at the thought.

By Blogger Manjusha, at 20.9.04  

What upsets me most about such a site is the appalling feeling of helplessness. Within days an entire platoon of workers will descend here, erect tall corrugated tin sheets and demolish this beautiful house behind this opaque veneer in the most reckless manner; not sparing even the trees that were planted years before anyone of them was born. Yet I will be nothing but a meek, submissive spectator watching from the fringes

By Blogger Deepak, at 20.9.04  

every square inch of the globe to be invaded by concrete, why not just build concrete that will breathe and will be green?

By Blogger Sreekesh Menon, at 23.9.04  

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