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A for Apiary
Each time I lock my apartment for a week or more, I come back to discover traces of unhindered continuance of life in my absence. The craft that I recovered on my return recently was result of an aborted attempt at a honeycomb by a bee. I think it realized rather soon that the surface chosen by it – a laundry clip – was inadequate for its endeavors and so it left its grand creation at all of 4 cells:


The clip is shaped like an A – A for Apiary – can bees read?

This is the third reason why Roald Dahl’s collections of short stories spooked me (see “Royal Jelly” here).
posted: 20.9.04


Haha..Deepak you are DEFINITELY reading too much into this!!!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 20.9.04  

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