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Without title

The Earth stood still,
Waiting for rains patiently -
Parched, burnt, forlorn

The Rains came beating down
Assaulted, ploughed the earth,
Heaped derision; something had gone wrong

Devoured by veneer of thick clouds,
The sun peered timidly;
Helpless, it was after all, all alone

The Rainbows or their illusions thereof, mocked earth
Humiliated, the sun bid adieu,
And soon, the rainbows too were gone

The night approached; dank, balmy, moonless
Mute spectator. The lightening danced a macabre waltz
Thunderclaps sung their garish song

posted: 3.6.04


techie,photographer and now poet.graeat goin deepak.However i felt you used too many adjectives and the your feeling is not too clear.

By Blogger rit, at 4.6.04  

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