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Monsoons are here!

Before: The lamppost waits for rains alone

After: The rainbow waits for freedom

posted: 23.5.04


That first image looks rather ominous and creepy! As for the second, I'd rather not see the rainbow imprisoned!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 24.5.04  

Well, I got drenched (sort of) the same afternoon, so in hindsight I can add that the lamppost looks portentous :-)

A friend informed me of apperance of the rainbow by SMS, I stepped out of my house caught a glimpse of rainbow but couldn't find a patch of sky which wasn't obstructed by telephone/electricity cables or tall buildings. The result - I only managed to click a slice of the rainbow - not very flatering, but the only proof of my rendezvous with the Rainbow... even I'd have liked the Rainbow free :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 25.5.04  

it looks like a GIANT cotton swab if you look at it one way!!

B'lore rains have the best rainbows sometimes! shame that we can't see them without something in the way.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.5.04  

This snap remembers me we are living in concrete jungles..:(

God set me free..


By Blogger సుధాకర్(శోధన), at 27.5.04  

Deepak it was you who :) captured the everfree rainbow behind the barbed wires. You could have crossed over to the other side, and found rainbow in vast endless sky which I am sure your camera lens can't fathom yet.

Come to think of it, rainbow of hope appears on the gray clouds of doubt itself is somehow soothing. I would rather to quote yourself "look as glass half full" :)
- your friendly airlines outing partner

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29.5.04  

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