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The rainbow waits for freedom

The last time the rainbow appeared next, I was working at office. It had rained just minutes before sunset and the skies had cleared up a bit, allowing the sun to shine through – somewhat ideal conditions for a rainbow to transpire; and it did. Our office balcony faces west (which makes it a good vantage point for catching sun sets) but since the rainbow materialized during sunset (in east), it could not be seen from there. The door that leads to our office building’s terrace was locked. The time window I had for catching the rainbow was small, so I did not pursue the keys. (In retrospect, I am not even sure if anyone would have understood the rationale for my being on the terrace, the catechisms alone would have killed the evening). It suddenly occurred to me that a colleague’s cabin, flanked by transparent glass on two sides, might provide a glimpse of the rainbow. I wasn’t disappointed – the rainbow, the droplets of rain sticking to the glass pane, the verdant background all added up to a stunning, dreamy view, slices of which I could capture:

p.s. I was terribly excited -- excitement that went unshared, unacknowledged by fellow colleagues chugging away fervently at their routine work, so that they could be home in time. A colleague whose attention I did manage to seek, stunned me with his eloquent expression; the words picked by him for venting mirth at the sight of the rainbow were - “F***ing Sh**”.

posted: 30.5.04


Hahaha! f**k and s**t must be banned seriously. Or atleast must not be used for Holy s**t like this ;)

Nice shots. i could not see the rainbow yesterday. I saw it here thanks to you :)

By Blogger Shalu, at 31.5.04  

Found your pot of gold at the other end?

Chasing rainbows - aint that what dreams are made of?


By Blogger Geetanjali, at 31.5.04  

Hey Shalu, you didn't miss raibows that day, it rained quite late in the evening, almost post sunset.

And Geets, wish I knew what I was chasing.. for now chasing rainbows without hope or desire for my pot of gold :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 3.6.04  

did you move to a new site, or are you even slower at updating your site this month than I am? Impossible!

By Blogger Susan, at 24.6.04  

Hi Susan,

I've indeed been very tardy this month. June is a crazy month for me professionally - our company's fiscal year ends in June so I am roped into endless meetings, performance reviews - the works!

July will hopefully be better :-)


By Blogger Deepak, at 26.6.04  

I understand completely, didn't mean to sound like a nag. I look forward to your posts when you have time again to share your pictures, thoughts, poetry and stories. Best of luck with your work!

By Blogger Susan, at 28.6.04  

I would have been so sad if someone told me my rainbow was, 'fucking shit', tis harsh, people should be more inspired by something so naturally beautiful.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5.6.07  

This is a wonderful view of a rainbow, from a city. Please give us permission to display this at the Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi, where we have a display titled "Rainbow Activity Centre"

Dr. N. Rathnasree, Director, Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi.

By Blogger N. Rathnasree, at 20.11.07  

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