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It's my morning commute to office again!

I am sure not many people count their daily commute to office amongst simple pleasures of life. I still dread long, grueling commutes, though fortunately moving to Bangalore metamorphosed the treachery of an excruciating ride to office into an enjoyable saunter. The part I enjoy most during my morning walk to office is covering a roughly kilometer long stretch covered with dense canopies of trees on either side of the road. The stretch, being perpendicular to a busy crossing, is noisy on the periphery but walk a little and the noise diminishes almost entirely. Being bathed in docile morning rays of sun, filtering through the bushy boughs of grand old trees, is the perfect preparation for a busy day at work. The branches of many of those trees are laden with flowers these days and so the road, especially early in the morning (when it hasn’t been swept “clean”) is littered with them. The rough, steel grey concrete canvas of road covered with colorful, delicate flowers and petals, and the interplay of light and shade create plenty of opportunities for some interesting photographs. These elements and their alchemy came out nicely in one of this picture that I took this week:

Must see in high res, also happens to be my current wallpaper...
posted: 1.5.04

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