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The great Indian Chicago Bull
The scarlet bull might remind you of the Chicago Bulls mascot, but the horizontal markings on its forehead are without doubt very ethnically Indian. And if my little knowledge of the Hindu mythology serves me right, they are reminiscent of the Indian deity Lord Shiva.

I am not reading too much into this bumper sticker, nor am I attempting to place our culture on some kind of a moral high ground but I love the way our culture imbibes and embraces external influences from other cultures. If you’ve ever eaten “Indian Chinese” food, you’ll know exactly what I mean!
posted: 11.5.04


You know there are some ppl (I might add from the wonderful Occident) who feel that the Indian tendency to use stickers and other paraphernelia depicting our numerous Gods as blasphemous and indicative of our lack of faith - as a mere statement of fashion! It takes much argument to make them realise that externalisation of religion is a way of making it more accessible...tho even I feel we stretch it too far at times. Won't blah too much on that tho ;-)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 11.5.04  

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