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This blog turns one!

My blog turns one today, and so I’ll spend a moment or two indulging in the obligatory brood over past exercise:

I distinctly remember sitting at the St. Marks’s Road Barista over a cup of cappuccino and writing my first blog entry; distracted by Brownian motion of an irate housefly. I was apprehensive whether I would ever go past the initial few entries; in hindsight I can add, I did! The Barista is still there, but the section where I sat and conjured my first post has been converted into a congested book shop. Everything else is more or less where it was. There are questions I still seek answers for knowing well that the answers will always elude me or at least, the answers will keep changing even if the questions don’t. I still turn to Beethoven’s String Quartets when everything else is lost and they faithfully, reliably, resurrect me each time. I still think that all knowledge must one day ripen into wisdom; that I should be able to look at this post next year and smile at the naivety of it all…

My blog turns one today, and so I drape it in new colors: simple, uncluttered, minimalist, adjectives I still assay to acquire…

posted: 10.5.04


Funny coincidence or perhaps its coincidentally funny that blogger added a slew of new features to their offering around my blog's birthday :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 10.5.04  

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10.5.04  

Guy bowled over by new blogger!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11.5.04  

Happy Birthday Blog... :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11.5.04  

Happy Birthday to your H.A.T.L.U :)
You choosed a nice and simple template...cool.

By Blogger Sudhakar's MVP Blog, at 11.5.04  

Congrats Deepak.. I am sure you will be going on and on for a few years...:-)


By Blogger Anand, at 11.5.04  

Thanks Anand! Thanks for nudging me to take the plunge a year ago :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 11.5.04  

Hey Baby...you turn one!Happy Birthday :-)
Keep inspiring ;-)

By Blogger Jyoti, at 11.5.04  

Congrats Deepak. You seem to have gathered a good set of readers over a short span of one year.

Keep blogging :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20.5.04  

Thanks Pooja!

By Blogger Deepak, at 24.5.04  

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