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Urban Rain

The regular rain of past few days has lead to some pleasant changes here. Some of them are obvious, while some reveal themselves only to the keenly observant eyes. Little deposits of soil by the sides of the roads are teeming with flora. Tiny, green leaves dot the surface of land like a colony of ants, at times growing in begrimed cracks and crevices of rocks that seem most inhospitable to any form of life.

I’ll let this little verse capture what prose probably cannot.

Urban Rain
Raindrops parachute down the skies
The scherzo breeze, playfully nudges clouds,
starts a song
The glistening, dancing branches
of the tree lined through-fare, join the medley
sing along

Next morning beams of sun, bathe the washed leaves,
bathe the burnished through-fare
The hues of green with their shades of shadows,
invent a new kaleidoscope
I catch a glimpse of the concrete high-rise,
conspiring with the clouds;
in a puddle of water accumulated besides the road
Its glass façade, spic and span, shining brightly
cackles in its own reflection,
coronates itself a beacon of hope

posted: 14.5.04


Lovely verse Deep, and better still are the pics. Don't you just love the rains?

By Blogger Jes, at 16.5.04  

Thanks Jes, yup I do have this strong bias for Rains :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 16.5.04  

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