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Finger Flower?

The red tubular buds appeared as if they were little digits of a baby still learning to sprinkle salt (the analogy might sound a little far fetched; to be honest I am struggling here to find the right words to describe the curling of figures just a fraction of a second before they join at their tips while sprinkling salt. Or imagine a little child expressing twinkling of stars using is fingers. Or cup your hands together, leaving your fingers apart. If you have better words, leave me a comment!). The second cluster of the same buds, had a slender strand of a cobweb running along its circumference, reminding me again of a game we used to play as kids, where we would put a loop of thread around our palms and then pick on it with fingers to create interesting patterns (any idea what this “game” is called?)

posted: 9.6.04


I just love the way these photos drive you to language. As for me, it reminded me of a lil baby's quivering fingertips reaching out to grasp a lock of its mother's hair, or a earring maybe. Little, tentative, wobbly fingers :-)

By Blogger Jes, at 12.6.04  

the pictures are brilliant.To me,at first glance it looked like neurons(remember biology classes).well once our teacher brought a model of neuron in our class.well this is very similar.

By Blogger rit, at 16.6.04  

Hey Deepak

To me the red finger-like buds looked like some sort of alien creatures with multiple hands and 6-7 fingers on each hand, wagging their fingers/hands at me.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17.6.04  

Hey Jes, Agree with you :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 19.6.04  

Hey Rit, the first one indeed reminds me of neurons! (now that you mention it!)

By Blogger Deepak, at 19.6.04  

Hi Nish, If only they were floroscent green in Color they would have looked even more alien like!

By Blogger Deepak, at 19.6.04  

i was reminded of a miniature E.T reaching out, asking to phone home ... did anybody else get the idea? :D -Avis

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29.6.04  

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