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Music when I least expected it

During last 24 hrs or so, I’ve heard some of my favorite musical pieces at places where I expected them least. Just felt like making a note of them; what better place to do that than my blog

  • Rain (I Want A Divorce) from The Last Emperor. The movie is famous because of Bertolucci’s brilliant cinematography. Unfortunately, the movie’s brilliant score by 3 talented composers – Riyuchi Sakamoto (Rain… is his composition), David Byrne and Cong Su is not common knowledge. I had gone to The Capitol hotel to drop a couple of colleagues from Delhi, the hotel’s lobby resonated with what sounded like a piano transcription of Rain…

  • Started my day today with Beethoven’s Eroica. The second movement of his 3rd symphony– Marcia Funebre (Funeral March) always has an enchanting effect on me; almost freezes me into a trance. There is some sublime connection I have with this piece that I’ve never been able to explain.

  • Was at The Le Meridian for an event, the lobby there was reverberating with second movement of Mozart’s famous serenade for strings – Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (A Little Night-music), though everyone there was busy chattering and so hardly anyone seemed to have taken notice (Such is the fate of western classical these days – it is used as random filler in hotel lobbies and elevators).

  • During evening cocktails by the poolside, they played Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D – a somewhat modern version transcribed for the violin (the original is for an organ)

  • The radio station my auto wallah had tuned into was playing Mangta Hai Kya from A. R. Rahman’s Rangeela – listening to the piece after close to a year felt good (I am certain that the cool evening breeze contributed greatly to the goodliness)

My pet works these days are Beethoven’s Triple Concerto and A. R. Rahman’s latest score for the Tamizh movie “New”. Love the Triple Concerto for the delicate balance between the full orchestral ensemble and the piano trio. Enjoying New for its consummate fusion of Techno and Folk sounds (first four tracks are awesome, it was great to hear Unnikrishan sing for Rahman after a long hiatus), complete with simple melodies reminiscent of Rahman of his earlier days.

posted: 29.4.04

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