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Quintessentially Indian

Here is a small 30 second video that I captured while coming to office in an auto-rickshaw. I stay barely 3 KM away from work, but the stretch, is replete with clichés that you would attribute to a commute in any big city in India today – chaos, dust, smoke and bumpy, very bumpy ride. There is very little lane discipline and you’ll see two wheelers, taxis, auto-rickshaws and buses all mired in perennial contest to overtake, outdo each other. A local Kannada number belted out by the loud radio in my auto, forms the perfect background score for my first attempt at doing a video. In fact, the track blends itself so nicely into the video, that you would almost think that I was attempting a music video to start with!

Watch the video

Note: You will need Apple's Quicktime besides lot of bandwidth and patience for the video to work :-).

posted: 18.1.04

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