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I've been missing my dog for last few days. Our love for animals, and more importantly its expression, is to a great degree, physical. Lifting your pet cat or dog, cuddling it or taking it out for a walk are all gestures that bind us so closely to the animal. So while I can regularly call mom, dad and sis, I am unable to keep in touch (literally!) with my dog. The closest I’ve been able to do is spend some time observing the dogs on streets. Here is a picture of one of those many dogs that I am sure we all run into. The poor soul might look ragged, forlorn, grubby and flustered (partly because it was noon, and dogs being dogs are mostly nocturnal) but it surprised me with the grace and grandeur with which it rested in its territory; the confidence and composure with which it posed had royal majesty of a lion.

posted: 20.12.03

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