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Terse Verse

I wanted to keep
This blog entry terse
And so I’ll state things
Entirely in verse
I am no entomologist
Heck I never even tried
Yet this blog entry
Deals entirely with Butterflies
The first pic was taken
On a road-side bush
The brown winged butterfly
Fluttered around for a while
And then suddenly it rested, hush

The second one was at roadside
In Bangalore
Purple leaves, play of light and shade
And two butterflies galore!
The first one on top left
Is a folded, pallid leaf
The second, brown again, in the center
Is real! You better believe!
The third one rested delicately in an unusual spot
That I would find it there
Is not something I ever thought
Life they say is not in black and white
Except old movies, zebras and some Butterflies!

posted: 16.1.04

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