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15th was a day off in Bangalore for Pongal/Sakranti, which gave me time to catch up with quite a few things. Here is another trio of unrelated, inconsequential, random ramblings:

  • My apartment has been in a mess for last few days (didn’t quite have a flying start to the new year – was in bed on 1st Jan with high fever, all alone!). A bright sunny day is always perfect for mopping and laundry today was no exception…

  • Finally finished another William Golding novel – The Inheritors. Like the last two works of Golding that I’ve read, this one too is a masterpiece! Golding takes us to a time when Neanderthal man was giving way to the modern, more evolved species of humans. We start with a small Neanderthal family. The language, used by Golding during this phase of the novel is very simple – short sentences with very little coherence between them. Something that captures the uncomplicated, inconsistent thought process of Neanderthal man beautifully. Somewhere later in the novel, our Neanderthal family is confronted with their more advanced cousins. The “new people” have evolved the institution of family further – into tribe. The novel here switches to a style of writing which is reflective of the way the “new people’s” minds work – intricate, complex. We suddenly enter a world of convoluted human relationships, the world of love, jealousy, hatred, fear, revenge. A range of emotions far diverse than what Neanderthal man is shown to be capable of. Don’t want to give away too much – this book is a must read!

  • Despite it being a working day today, I caught the last show of The Last Samurai yesterday. Nothing exceptional (predictable Hollywood fare) though worth a watch. Western Classical Trivia: The sequence in the beginning of the movie where Tom Cruise meets his Japanese counterparts over dinner, had Mozart’s String Quartet No. 14, K. 387 playing in the background. The first movement of the quartet plays very faintly for about two minutes and then fades away… I almost wished that I could turn the dialogs down and crank the background score’s volume up. Quartet No. 14 is first of the six Quartets that Mozart wrote in dedication to Haydn and is one of the few Mozart works that I really enjoy.

posted: 15.1.04

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