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Lego Workers
As a software developer I was always glad to never have been in a situation that would warrant using products which I had developed. (I could state with certitude the general applicability of the statement to manufacturer of medicines too).

From the fourth floor balcony of our office you can see (as you would expect from a fourth floor balcony in a city) a vast array of buildings. A little far away in the corner you can locate a prominent concrete structure which is coming up fast. During the day, you will find workers in their yellow or white construction helmets toiling hard at the gargantuan concrete box. The distance between this new upcoming building and that of our office is such that all you can spot is the frenzied movements of tiny match-stick sized human figures and their shining head gear. As if those construction workers; from a child’s Lego set, had come alive…

I wonder, if just like me, they also are only too glad never to have used what they produced…

(you must see the picture in its full resolution to appreciate the “Legoesqueness” of the construction workers)
posted: 8.1.04

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