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Marlboro’s Grave…

Every building which is centrally air-conditioned, typically has a place where the smokers of that building congregate. In case of our office’s building, that designated smoking spot happens to be balcony of fourth floor. While I don’t smoke, I do visit the balcony to fill my lungs with “outside” air (prolonged exposure to air-conditioning drives me sick), to watch the beautiful sunset and to indulge in occasional banter (or to pick grapevine). These smoking “hot-spots” typically have sand filled bins, or some-kind of a non-inflammable surface, where the cigarette butts can be pressed into; to rid them of the embers; a sort of burial ground for burning fag-ends (and a good place to research which cigarette brands are doing rounds in your office). Here are the pictures of cigarette cemetery and Marlboro’s grave from my office’s balcony:

posted: 18.12.03

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