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Black and White Photography

As far as photography is concerned, I am (still) an amateur. This makes me unfit for disputing or endorsing the merits of black and white photography (never poke your nose into matters you don’t fully understand :)). However, when opportunity to experiment with the form did present itself, I did not hesitate. Here are the results:

  • This one is titled “Childhood Memories”. The rest of the explanation, as they tell you in textbooks, is left as an exercise for the educated reader... ;-)

  • Now this one would take a bit of explaining. I had taken this shot during my recent trip to Kovallam beach. It was a bright sunny day. The only colors that seemed to dominate the scenery were the blues of skies and the sea, and the pale-grey of sandy beach. Then I came across these two crossed red flags, hoisted there to warn the casual swimmer of the perilous depth ahead. The hue of these flags added a dash of vibrancy to the otherwise monotonous landscape. Which is why when I converted the original to grayscale, I left the flags untouched…

Random Quote of the day: “If only shadows had colors…”

posted: 21.1.04

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