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Scary flowers�

Right at the entrance of our office there is a small patch of soil which has strange looking white flowers that resemble a hooded snake. The flowers are white � a color that you wouldn�t go on to associate with snakes at any rate, but their shape is what makes them so peculiar. They look especially wicked when a gentle breeze sets their long tender stems into a to and fro swaying motion, like that of a snake waddling its stretched hood under the influence of a snake-charmer�s music.

My camera has a mode where the shutter remains open for a longer time than usual � useful for flash-less photography in the dark against the backdrop of a well lit building. Conventionally, you are supposed to hold the camera very still after releasing the shutter so that the background is fully captured. However, if you move the camera rapidly, contrary to what conventional wisdom dictates, you can get some very interesting effects. The most common of them is the effect of light leaving blurred trails that gives the entire picture an eerie, dream-like appearance.

Shooting these flowers after setting my camera to this over-exposure night shot mode, and using the technique that I just mentioned, gave some astonishing results, the proof they say is in the pudding, here it is (click for the picture for the bigger version, it has not been touched digitally):

posted: 6.12.03

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