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Good bye LA...
Since the day I've picked a digital camera I've been clicking incessantly at every opportune (or not so opportune) moment. Of the 80 or so pictures I've clicked so far, about 50 have been abstract subjects - empty spaces, extreme close-ups etc. The real thrill - as I am discovering - is to be able to manipulate these pictures so as to give them a fresh interpretation that might not have been obvious by looking at subject or its un-manipulated picture. Here are two of my most recent works:

The first piece was created compositing two pictures. The Australopithecus Skull was part of an enormous granite collage at LA Convention Center, South Hall. The picture on the right is a close-up of my notebook's keyboard. Put the two together, do some color correction so that both of them are of the same "hue" and viola we have a thought provoking visual:

The second work appeals to me because of the vibrant shades of blue I could capture in it. It also happens to be a small tribute of sorts to my favorite Orwell classic - 1984.

My travel travails begin tomorrow morning at 4:00 AM. The weather here has suddenly become chilly. Sitting at a roadside cafe today, sipping hot mocha while the cold breeze and the cars whizzed past (Beethoven's string quartet no.6 melted sweetly into my ears and blended well with the bustle of the downtown's dusky aura), was the only experience (however small it might sound) worth cherishing to come out of this trip. The stay at LA despite being professionally satisfying (and for all the fun at Universal Studios yesterday) wasn't as enjoyable as I had expected. Downtown LA is more or less a business district and not a single cab driver or hotel concierge desk has been satisfactorily able to point the whereabouts of a good music/book shop around the hotel. It's a stark contrast to vibrant downtown Seattle. (Even New-Orleans had decent music and book shops, the city's notoriety for booze and flesh notwithstanding). I was carrying Amitav Ghosh's Shadow Lines which was supposed to last me the US round-trip, but since the book's narrative was so gripping I skimmed through it within the first leg of the trip itself. I am dreading having to travel without a book for 20 odd hours but am hoping that the sleep denial of last few days would lead to a deep meditative, coma-like trance the moment I hit my cramped economy class seat, depriving me of chance to read.
posted: 30.10.03

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