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When Motu met Meg

‘Magazines’ store at Church Street in Bangalore deals in, well, magazines. Here, in addition to a good collection of Indian magazines, you can also find back issues of most foreign magazines. Though one can locate magazines on lifestyle, movies, current affairs, technology, gaming, automobiles and photography quite easily in India, it can be a little tricky to get magazines that cater to less common/niche interests (at least from the commercial viability of a magazine standpoint) such as philately or western classical music. Imports from abroad fill in this gap. While dated issues of magazines on latest gizmos might not make sense, I would definitely lap up an eighteen month old issue of the Gramophone magazine that chronicles a 1965 recording of Elgar Cello Concerto by Jacqueline Du-Pré and throws in an interview with the lady herself on the complimentary CD!

The shop owner also has a few (I am told five) wonderful cats as his pets. If you don’t see them chasing a bright orange ping-pong ball on the floor, you’ll find them comfortably ensconced in the piles of – what else - magazines. Surprisingly, I’ve not seen the cats litter or use the magazines as their scratch posts. One of the tom-cats featured here; Motu, is particularly fond of the Esquire magazine. On the day this picture was taken, he was found resting placidly on an issue which poses a very pertinent; an almost existential, question to its readers – “Have you seen Meg Ryan naked yet?”
posted: 10.1.06


purr-fect pic! i love the detail ur cam allows to the kitty's fur.

By Blogger Exotic Gringo, at 10.1.06  

Gorgeous image and a very pretty cat too. I love the composition - lots, and also your story accompanying the picture. I love people with a sense of humour.. :)

Oh yes, and also many thanks for your kind comment...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10.1.06  

That is an awesome shot!
And, good luck for the Indibloggies photoblog award :)

By Blogger Sharath MS, at 10.1.06  

Brilliant...well framed!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10.1.06  

j00 0wn0rz!

Deepak, I am giving you the award rightaway. And now I know you have no reason to worry about the posession of that "white elephant." Great DoF.


Do you have another high-angle shot in which the quoted text on the magazine is actually readable? I think such a juxtaposition will make a great picture just as well as this one.

By Blogger sajith, at 10.1.06  

Awesome snap!

By Blogger ~ sAn ~, at 11.1.06  

Good one dude.....hate cats...but loved this foto..nice one....

By Blogger Naveen Roy, at 12.1.06  

Thanks All!

Hey Mansi, I am not sure who should I pity more - me or motu :-)

Hey Sajith, the text angle struck me only when I browsed the pictures later. I have just one shot where the text is barely perceivable and that doesn't look half as striking as the one posted here. Sadly, here, there will be no "next time" :-(.

I was attempting to shoot this one in a way that makes it look as if Meg is making a discreet eye contact with you through the cover, and is asking "hey! why are you looking here!?"

By Blogger Deepak, at 12.1.06  

What a peacefully face!
Love it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31.1.06  

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