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Photofriday: The best of 2005

Locks are for gentlemen for they are unlikely to deter a determined thief. The same largely holds true for the liveried personnel from the mushrooming private security agencies one comes across in India these days. You’ll find them keeping a watch in your offices, cafeterias, malls or at ATMs. In most cases they are unarmed and demonstrate levels of physical fitness that hardly inspires any confidence. During office hours, they often end up helping with menial clerical chores, while at night they stare dazedly into a non-existent void in anticipation. I often wonder whether they have an equivalent of a trade union or if there are compensation guidelines should something unfortunate happen during the course of their duty.

I met the gentleman here outside a small office building at one of the busy roads in Bangalore. He looked quite gallant in his green uniform and was kind to allow me to click him. The expression on his face - which speaks of sadness and anxiety, was the best he could muster on being asked to smile.
posted: 3.1.06


Lovely work!



By Blogger Avis, at 4.1.06  

Thanks Avis!!

By Blogger Deepak, at 5.1.06  

It is a nice picture and the note is a disturbing reminder.

During an all-nighter a colleague found our young security wallah weeping in a corner. He had to sit for an exam back in his hometown in Orissa. When asked for leaves his agency wouldn't allow him that, probably since they were afraid that he'd leave them and find a better job if he gets another qualification. Fortunately for him the director of my place talked to his agency the next day and it worked.

He didn't come back and I don't know what happened further, but I hope he's doing well.

By Blogger sajith, at 6.1.06  

...and, is this the 50mm EF at f5.6? ;)

By Blogger sajith, at 6.1.06  

Hey Sajith, disturbing indeed. We often forget that they too are human after all.

This one was shot using the 17-45 mm at 39mm, f/4.0. I'm wondering if its time I started putting the EXIF information down as well...

By Blogger Deepak, at 6.1.06  

I love portraits..I am doing a lot myself here in Pakistan. There are so many weathered faces...

By Anonymous Helmi, at 10.1.06  

I rarely do portraits - often because I am more shy than my subjects! But in case I decide to click someone, I prefer to have a little conversation and break the ice first, rather than the click now, thank later approach :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 10.1.06  

Excellent,it's so live.

By Blogger ssg, at 28.1.06  

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