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Chitradurga Fort

Taken during my visit to Chitradurga. The summit of the hill where the fort stands is littered with small temples and passageways like these. The boulders that dot the landscape, once ensured a ready supply of raw material but today they give you a feeling that the entire fort is still a work in progress.
posted: 8.1.06


Too many distracting elements. The right side (the gaping hole) ruins the composition, in my opinion. Maybe a shot from the door of the temple, looking out to the hills with the other temples lined up would have been a better shot.

just my two ps. :)

Chitradurga-da Kallina Kote, adara sutthalu...

By Anonymous ashwin, at 8.1.06  

Great sky! Infact the sky seems to be a separate layer behind the rocks.. very 3D ish

By Blogger Rahul Kumar, at 9.1.06  

Amazing perspective....love the look and feel of overall image

By Anonymous Kris, at 9.1.06  

A faboulous photo, you caught the temple in a beautiful light (afternoon light?). I also love the sky. I am sure you experimented with different perspectives?

Where is Chitradurga?

By Anonymous Helmi, at 10.1.06  

Hey Ashwin,

The wonderful thing about fine arts, as opposed to say Mathematics or Physics is that there is no such thing as one objective truth. There are perspectives. Allow me to present mine.

The “distracting elements” – I assume (perhaps wrongly) that you allude to the boulders, temples and bushes in the background; and to an extent in the foreground – are there for a purpose. I wouldn’t even call them “distracting elements” because the picture has no one subject which they would distract the viewer from. These elements collectively bring a sense of completeness to the landscape and convey the enormity of it. I have another version minus (shift + click to open it in a new window) the details on the right (though still with a large DOF), and it somehow doesn’t quite convey the expansiveness of the summit.

The “gaping void” in the right, IMO, nicely cancels out the darkness in the passageway diagonally to the left of it, and thereby brings a balance to the composition.

That said, I respect your perspective/critique and thank you for sharing it. I will definitely attempt your suggestion the next time I am at the fort again!


Thanks Rahul!

Thanks Kris!

Thanks Helmi! This was taken around 10:15 - 11:00 AM on a fine October morning. Chitradurga is in Karnataka, India, about 200 KM northwest of Bangalore. Yes indeed, but none convey the "spread" of the landscape as well!

By Blogger Deepak, at 10.1.06  

to each, his own I suppose. :)

there are truths in photography, but I am too addicted to lying. :-D

Sometimes it is the elements in the picture. If you take a step back and look at the photograph, it looks balanced. But I tend to travel along lines and patterns in the photograph. For example, in the above photograph, my eye travels from the temple in the front to the one in the back. You have a diagonal line of sight running through the picture. But, midway the "gaping void" distracts me from the line of sight. I slip and fall. :D

Hope I made myself clear. :) Continue clicking and showcasing pictures, your work is really good.

By Anonymous ashwin, at 10.1.06  

Hey Ashwin, thanks again for sharing your POV. It is always enriching to hear how others look at your pictures! And of course this gives me new things to try when I am at the fort next! Cheers!

By Blogger Deepak, at 12.1.06  

This is a huge favour, could u happen to have a picture which shows the entire fort in all its splendour.
This is for my school annual day. The school is planning to have a play on Obbava and the fort is to be a background using a multimedia projector. Seeing you pictures, which are stunning. I was wondering if you had more picutres and were willing to share them.
Would be waiting for a favoourable response.

By Anonymous Rushabh, at 17.1.06  


I hit upon your blog, when I was searching for a good photograph of chitradurga fort , which could be converted into a painting.

Wonderful photograph.

Do you have any more photographs of chitradurga fort. Could you please share it.

Thanks & Regards,

By Anonymous Anitha, at 1.2.06  

Hi Anitha,

This is by far the best I have. The others you can find by following the small thumbnail links under the "on a related note" heading.


By Blogger Deepak, at 4.2.06  

Loved the photo. It evokes a stark strength. I am performing a dance drama which includes the story of Obavva Of Chitradurga. May
I use this photograph? Do you have any other photographs showing the fort from the outside?
Nalini Rau

By Anonymous Nalini Rau, at 27.2.06  

Very nice photographs. Expecially the long shot of the fort.

By Anonymous Hiren, at 27.2.06  

HI Nalini, you may use this photograph. I didn't click any outside the fort. :(. You can find other pictures related to Chitradurga under "On a related note" heading. Best of luck!

Thanks Hiren!

By Blogger Deepak, at 27.2.06  

That is not ur photo.....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24.9.06  

What makes you think it is not?

By Blogger Deepak, at 25.9.06  

The hidden truth to our ancesstors and their technology is really owsome. Really think about he way things are built in those days.

These temples and boulders etc says and states our cultures regrds the land of gods (INDIA)

Thanks to MADHAKARI NAYAK the king of those time to build such a sculpture.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1.2.07  

The hidden truth to our ancesstors and their technology is really owsome. Really think about he way things are built in those days.

These temples and boulders etc says and states our cultures regrds the land of gods (INDIA)

Thanks to MADHAKARI NAYAK the king of those time to build such a sculpture.

By Anonymous Ravi kumar, at 1.2.07  

Nice out door photography. clouds came so well in the cascade form.
May I know what type of and which camera ur using.



By Anonymous Vijay, at 8.5.07  

stunning photography....i am mesmerized

By Blogger Destination Unknown, at 29.12.11  

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