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Enchanted Landscape

Never before had I seen these flowers at a distance that would allow me to smell them. They were being cultivated at; what we might call, a “lotus nursery” at Lal Bagh. The setup was comprised of several huge cauldrons full of murky water kept in the open. I was under an impression that I was clicking a lotus here, till Sajith came along and politely corrected this city-bred lad's misconception. I’ll do Monet proud - for this is a water lily (albeit minus a picturesque landscape which I request you to seek within the flower itself).

(I now love lotuses and water lilies for a photographic reason too. These flowers are so big that I can fill the entire frame without requiring a macro lens!)
posted: 3.10.05


If this picture was taken on the same day, in the mid-day sun - wow. I'd say the circular polarizer is worth every penny :) The little that was spent on a 52mm one was the best investment I've ever made.

Monet reminds - have you seen the WebMuseum ?

For picturesque landscapes, I think we should visit Nagarcoil in Tamil Nadu - my memories are from the time when I was little, hope things are still preserved well...

By Blogger sajith, at 4.10.05  

Hey Sajith, this one is from a different set which I was clicking a week before our join visit :-). It was quite sunny that day as well. This one was taken with the 50mm prime stopped at f2.0 *without* the polarizing filter. It still came out reasonably well. Of the ones I took with 17-40 with polarizing filter, two came out well, and of those two, I'll post one very soon.

Hadn't seen WebMuseum before. Thanks!

Sure, Nagarcoil sounds good! I am game whenever you are :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 5.10.05  

Ouch, I meant Monet-like picturesque landscapes
with waterlilies :) Mind you, this is close to Kanyakumari, and all I have is childhood memories of looking at beautiful places through bus windows...

World changes. Damn :(

By Blogger sajith, at 5.10.05  

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