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Happy Deepawali
I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Deepawali!

(not to mention an environment friendly one)
posted: 9.11.04


Brilliant pictures! Who would have thought flowers could replace crackers? :)

By Blogger Aarthi, at 9.11.04  


Happy Deepawali, Deepak.

By Blogger sajith, at 9.11.04  

Apt pictures! They look like amazingly like fire crackers. Once again the photographer's roving eye has wonderfully captured the essence.

By Blogger Manjusha, at 9.11.04  

HAPPY DIWALI to you too! Loved those pics - captured the essence of a colourful & spectacular Diwali beautifully! Sigh - I sometimes feel like I'm fihgting a losing battle against those fireworks - my folks share my sentiment and bro cares very little for them (specially since they disturb his darling dog!) but I just can't get through my sister-in-law! ARGH!!! Why why why do educated people have to be so blind about the hazardous effects of fireworks - if it must be done, then why not in some kind of control?

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 12.11.04  

Aarthi, Sajith, Manjusha I hope you had a great Deepawali!

By Blogger Deepak, at 13.11.04  

Hi Geetanjali, As a kid I was timid (at least as far as the crackers went) so our parents only brought us sparklers and other noiseless goodies. We did burst a few crackers - but they were reserved for the last and were usually left for Mom and Dad to tackle! The entire fireworks affair was done after pooja and lasted barely 45 minutes.

Then as age emboldened me to crackers and bombs it also imparted a certain wisdom that made the entire affair seem pointless. Light the fuse, wait for the cracker to go off - a flash of light, a short report (which you mitigate by plugging fingers into your years anyways) and lots of smoke - I just failed to get the objective of the exercise. Once we adopted Ghassu as our pet, the entire cracker business not only seemed futile, it seemed cruel and thus whatever modicum of crackers we had on our menu were summarily (and merrily) struck off.

Now as far as "educated" people and their affinity to crackers goes I can only attribute it to the inscrutable human nature. Let me digress a bit. I know a lot of people who smoke - all of them are well educated and a good many of them are in noble professions such as medicine and pedagogy. A friend recently showed me a packet of Marlboro he had picked in Singapore - it had a gortesque pictues of cancer infected throat prominently printed on it - in most countries it is now statutory to put this graphic warning in addition to its textual version. But does it stop him or other smokers from indulging in this deadly vice - it does not.

Enough of sententious aphoristic discoursing - I hope you had a great (even if cracker riddled) Deepawali!

By Blogger Deepak, at 13.11.04  

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