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The sun sets, I stand alone - Braving solitude, and impending night's fear

Glad you dropped by - whisperer of sweet nothings into my ears

posted: 3.11.04


OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! (though I know its Hyderabad ;-) )---Jyoti

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3.11.04  


By Blogger sajith, at 4.11.04  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5.11.04  

Wow!!!Too cool! I've dropped by here after aeons, Deepak. And every time I stop by after a long while, I wonder why I don't come more often. Well, I would, if I didn't have a job :-) Great work yaar!

By Blogger Jes, at 7.11.04  

Thanks for dropping by Jyoti, (anon), Sajith, Jes!

By Blogger Deepak, at 7.11.04  

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