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Shelob and I
I discovered this colorful spider (relatively speaking – so far as the members of Arachnida family are concerned, the word “gorgeous” in this spider’s context won’t be entirely misplaced) toiling on its palatial cobweb close to my house. That it chose an old Ambassador for its abode was entirely coincidental (are Ford motors listening?). I’ve kept a keen eye out, and have observed that each week the spider demolishes the web – save for one or two skeletal threads – and starts all over again:

The hunched Gollum like reflection in the old rusty steel Ambassador bumper is my own. There are pockets of grass and tiny shrubs barely inches away from this web, which inadvertently attract little insects of different kinds; thus the plants involuntarily contrive to keep our friendly neighborhood predator well fed.

p.s. Alternative Title: Spider-Man (or his reflection thereof)
posted: 25.10.04


You have a good eye for interesting pics. Suggest you look at this photo forum. www.trekearth.com

it is a very active place and lots to offer ... must warn you though that it is also highly addictive :)

By Blogger Avis, at 25.10.04  

If I remember certain photos of the MVP summit, this shouldnt be your first encounter with Spiderman :-)

By Blogger Sriram, at 26.10.04  

Sriram, I think you forgot something. That was an Afro-spiderman!

Virat :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28.10.04  

Well Virat, it was still better than the Dhoti Clad Pavitra Prabhakar

By Blogger Deepak, at 28.10.04  

Hahahaha, Deepak, thats the funniest pose for a photographer! Don't get what I am referring to? Check the photo closely, and you will see a near squatting Deepak with the camera brought carefully near the spider on the bumper and you checking the LCD viewfinder for the presence of the subject in the frame! Funny!

In case you have a high-res version of this pic, your pose can be made a bit more prominent using photoshop etc.

By Blogger Vinil Menon, at 7.1.05  

Of course I noticed that Vinil! The title of my post says it all - Shelob was the vile spider in Lord of the Rings.. and "I" was referring to my own refelction.. and then I reasserted - "The hunched Gollum like reflection in the old rusty steel Ambassador bumper is my own." :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 7.1.05  

Duh! What was I doing while reading this post! I missed out the Gollum statement completely! Unnecessary redux!

By Blogger Vinil Menon, at 7.1.05  

This wonderful Spider is an Argiope. I found one in my garden yesterday. It makes a zipper in it's web. In Winter it's babies swing inside a silk pouch fastened by a single silk thread to a bush. I find them on Rosemary Bush's here in South Carolina,USA. Neat,,we both have Argiope friends.

By Blogger Carolina Trekker, at 9.8.05  


Thanks for dropping by Carolina Trekker!

By Blogger Deepak, at 22.8.05  

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