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Canine Quartet
I met these adorable mutts on one of my regular early morning walks to office. While the three on the left were peacefully lost in their morning meditation the one on the right (let’s call him ‘Malfiend’) licked and scratched itself merrily in unmentionable of places. I wanted to get a tad closer for this shot, but Mr. Malfiend kept casting furtive, truculent glances towards me which checked my advances at a safe distance. A canine cavalry charge – even by a small group of four – is a slightly frightening thought. I sedulously composed the frame, took a deep breath and tremulously pressed the shutter release. My camera finally played its pre-recorded “click” sound (a cheap imitation of a SLR’s shutter release that it makes after completion of each shot to congratulate itself on its momentous achievement), heralding the end of my meek, meager adventure.

I noticed the “software” sign on the right once I saw the final results on my computer screen – has the industry gone to the dogs?

Alternative title: Who let the dogs out?
posted: 14.11.04


The puppy in the foreground looks really quite regal, don't you think? And a "meek, meager adventure"? Never! Every small thing has jewels in it, if you're looking. And you are. (Thanks for letting us see them as well.)

By Blogger Deirdre, at 14.11.04  

Indeed! These fellows can surprise you with their royal elegance! Like one here... And in general I've found dogs I've met on streets more affectionate then their pedigreed counterparts.

By Blogger Deepak, at 15.11.04  

cool blog..i should say ! ;-)

By Blogger subhashini simha-khanna, at 16.11.04  

Hmm...your blog has become quite...err..doggy of late :)

By Blogger Sriram, at 16.11.04  

Sriram, I dread to think of a world without dogs, leave aside a blog without one!

By Blogger Deepak, at 17.11.04  

Be careful, Deepak. I do adore but keep away ever since another adorable mutt (yes, street one) bite off a piece of my leg on a fine evening :^)

Rather late comment, but the advice is worthwhile, I hope ;-)

By Blogger sajith, at 6.12.04  

Thanks for the advice Sajith! I've also been bitten -uhm make that mauled (long story, perhaps I'll tell you some day when we meet) - by couple of mutts, but for some reasons it endeared me to them (or should that be - endeared them to me) even more!

By Blogger Deepak, at 7.12.04  

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