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Rain (ok so I am besotted with this one subject)
As evening drew closer, the shadows today not only drew longer but also grew hazy and soon faded altogether. After 5 days of spotless, sunny afternoons the skies were patched with grey clouds again. Once the sun descended, intermittent shards of lightening smote through the clouds, as if prodding them to empty their contents. The clouds themselves looked poignant and full of some pent-up emotion. If their tumultuous thunder is anything to go by, they had not abdicated the Bangalore skies willfully, but were deposed by treasonous act of some unseen forces. The breeze too has taken a cue or two and has begun its lively waltz. It seems, it was colluding with the clouds in some distant land far away. It is raining now but surprisingly its intensity is much reserved.

Now given this majestic backdrop, why on earth should I be struggling with vain matters - such as whether I should be getting a haircut or not (A part of me is keen to let them grow – Liszt style, and that part is dueling with this other part of me that insists on a sharp prim look and thus is keen on dislodging the former. I sure take the term “inner struggle” to new depths of frivolity)
posted: 11.10.04

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