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ಇದು ನಮ್ಮ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು [Idu Namma Bangloru]
If you were at the Delhi airport two years ago today, you’d probably come across a 24 something lad standing at the Jet Airways’ counter. The slightly slouched, tentative looking fellow, you would see, has two suitcases piled on the trolley in front of him and an ungainly backpack poised on his shoulders. The lady at the counter informs him of his excessive bagged (35 Kg as opposed to the 20 he is allowed). He utters back in a quavering voice something to the effect of him moving to Bangalore lock stock and barrel. The lady gives him one good look and perhaps owing to a sudden gush of generosity allows him to check in without any additional levies. This man then goes on to go through routine security checks, makes a short local call from the public phone and sits down (with his bag still on his shoulders) looking much relieved.

That 24 something lad would be me and today I finish my second year in Bangalore (though it certainly feels longer than that). The transition from a city where I spent 24 years of my life to a city that (for me) was distant, unknown, uncharted couldn’t have been smoother (or for that matter couldn’t have come at a better time in my life). In short – life has been very kind!

Spent the day doing things I love most in Bangalore. A late breakfast at the nearest Shanti Sagar, a long 90 minute walk to Oxford bookstore at Airport Road, a hot cup of mocha at the Indiranagar Barista with a friend, a quick hop to another bookstore (Landmark – incidentally neither of these bookstores existed when I had come here!), a late lunch at Little Italy, another hot cup of mocha at the Indiranagar Barista and an auto ride back home to log the day’s happenings.

Current mood – upbeat, current music – Beethoven’s D major mass – Misa Solemis (Gloria). Pictures of the day: Flight and Solitude:

posted: 3.10.04


I moved to Bangalore 5 years ago and love everyday of it. The place, the weather, the people...everything. Well almost. The traffic and the pollution are getting to be overwhleming. A problem with almost every growing city in India I guess. Perhaps its a global phenomenon.

Amazing weather we have been having in Bangalore the last couple of months. To me, it only seems to be getting better.

By Blogger Manjusha, at 3.10.04  

Most of my commute in Bangalore is done on foot. There are occassional exceptions to the rule (like when going to airport or rushing to work when late) and it is then when I feel the real pinch of awry traffic. But soon a trip to Mumbai or Delhi materializes and that puts things in persective so I continue to be happy and content :-)

Pollution - bad at times but tolerable.. there are patches that are really bad during peak hours but very soon you emerge into a green, shaded area which makes you forget all your laments!

Weather - I wish I could explain this one phenomenon! The consistence of its conviviality and salubrity is hard to explain to anyone outside!

Like I've been telling friends - I hope God ignores me in his grand scheme of things so that I can continue livign here for rest of my life :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 4.10.04  

Bangalore has been very welcoming and very generous (well, kind of) for a large number of people of (well, roughly ;-)) our age. Hope the city will "scale" well enough with the growing population and the prosperity will stay.

Then there are things you dislike about the place - the traffic, the pollution, the quality of life versus cost ratio etc. I sometimes wish for the generous open spaces friends have in Hyderabad around their dwellings.

But then you can't keep asking too much. This is a lovely, lively place...

By Blogger sajith, at 4.10.04  

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By Blogger Geetanjali, at 4.10.04  

:-) Banglophile till the day you die eh? I hope GOd listens to this earnest request of your - I know what it feels like to be uprooted from the city of your choice and wouldn't wish it on anyone, specially not angel of virues, Saint Gulati! ;-)

PS I envy you for having that extra-baggage levy waived off - I paid through my nose to get my extra baggage sent by cargo on my way back from Germany. Taught me a lesson though - I travel light now, sometimes too light! LOL!

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 4.10.04  

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