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Election vacation

Elections in India are nothing short of a grand carnival. The elaborate polling process was kicked off in several parts of the country on the 20th, including Karnataka. Yesterday thus, translated into a bonus holiday (they taste sweetest when they come unexpected) - that I spent it largely in office is a different story. Having spent a week in US, the first thing that I registered upon landing was how immersed Bangalore was in election frenzy. Kitschy plastic placards of different parties strung across various streets, walls plastered with posters, massive colorful banners, life-size cutouts of politicians, auto-wallahs with loudspeakers mounted on their roofs running around haphazardly blaring noisy propaganda in awkward parodies of hit numbers - all add color and charm to an otherwise dry, dreary exercise that elections can be.

Each year one sees interesting (though not always innovative) antics by various political parties to catch voters’ attention, this year was no exception. Take for instance this huge animated electronic cutout captured by the roadside; irrespective of whether it managed to affect my political stance, it did leave a mark (for all the wrong reasons) – highly amusing:

Electronic Antic

p.s. You need QuickTime to see this video (1.30 MB) – the only aspect of my digital camera that annoys me no end.

posted: 20.4.04

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