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One of the things that I’ve been yearning to click besides the sunrise is pictures of morning dew. There were quite a few bamboo plants at the resort where we were staying about a week ago (Jala Dhama near Talakad). I discovered, that for some reasons, bamboo leaves hold on to droplets of dew (or rather the droplets stick to bamboo leaves, how does it matter, gets you the same result ;-)) for periods longer than other plants. In fact, I came across a few bamboo shoots, where every single leaf had a dew drop clinging to its tip! Here are some of the dewdrops that I photographed: (this should definitely give Mountain Dew’s “do the dew” phrase an entirely literal dimension ;-))

The first one is my personal favorite. The broad bamboo leaf in the background forms a perfect canvas on which the droplet casts a shadow. Sometimes using flash, even during broad daylight can get you stunning results. This is one such case. The color, the shadows and the contrasts were all enhanced greatly owing to the use of flash. Though I must confess that its use was a bit of serendipity, thanks to weak light early in the morning.

The second picture has two dew droplets. One perched atop the leaf like an overturned crystal bowl, the other about to drip from the leaf’s pointed tip. Both these droplets, reflect bamboo leaves around them. In fact both of them look impregnated with miniature worlds of their own – two drops, two worlds…

I couldn’t help smiling to myself once I saw the final outcome in its full resolution on PC. Both the leaf and the light brown bamboo shoot in the background are out of focus (much more pronounced in case of the bamboo shoot), but the dew drop looks sharp, largely because you can see a tiny in-focus reflection of the blurred bamboo shoot clearly through it.

posted: 28.1.04

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