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Poetry by serendipity
I realized recently that I could weave words into strings that resemble verse more than prose - Here are excerpts from my initial attempts:

Sunshine streaming through my window
Reminds me I'm still alive
Plodding but still there
I stare at glistening sea far in the horizon
The beach hidden from me by cluster of sky rises
Calm, Still, Bare
Wondering if equanimity can be mistaken
For lack of verve, life

And here is my first ever attempt at Haiku:

Hard rain drums, rustles leaves
Like notes of Chopin's first piano concerto
Moist soil, poignant aroma, solitude

Finally, a funny one, a dig at those long corporate presentations:

Numbed by PowerPoint
They come, present and go
Hours drift by, like hundreds of slides
Screen, mind both are blank
posted: 13.8.03

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