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More Poetry
Though I started flying more than three years ago, my fascination for view from a plane's window is still that of a 12 year old flying for the first time. Needless to say I try all in my might to inveigle a window seat, especially if on an international flight. While flying from Taipei to Seoul, the dense, white cloud formations found me unsuspectingly scribbling these lines on a paper napkin:

I am
a guest in the kingdom of clouds

uninvited - yes
unwelcome - perhaps
Though they let me pass
untouched, unharmed

Sometimes entertained
through myriad, changing forms
playing, singing, dancing
with rays of sun

Sometimes shaken,
gently, a kind plodding wobble
perhaps to assert their authority
reminding me

I am
a guest in the kingdom of clouds

While sailing through the kingdom of clouds
I seek my soul
Does it lurk beneath my own skin
Chaste, morose, sinking -
Or is it out with the clouds
Jiving happy afloat!
posted: 27.8.03

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