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Marred by rains

When we started our drive to Hampi, it was drizzling. A look at skies clearly told me that it would only get worse. I am no stranger to Hampi, and as we neared our first stop - the large Ganesha monolith, I could surmise that the route followed by us would be identical to one we had taken the last time. Whatever doubts I had were cleared in next few minutes when we were introduced to our tour guide - he too was the same person who had guided us during our last trip! The good part about all this was that I did not need to pay attention to what the rest of the entourage was doing. I could simply soak in things at my own pace. As I stood looking at the Hampi Bazaar from the pillared portico of the large Ganesha temple, memories of just months ago rushed me by. I tried to take pictures, but the wind was so strong the it blew raindrops straight into my lens. The stony floor was dangerously slippery. It would have taken but one bluster to send me tripping down. The camera was thus promptly packed back in. While I was lost in my thoughts, others had moved to the Virupaksha temple. I carefully tip-toed behind them.

This picture was taken as I waited at the Virupaksha temple's courtyard for everyone to return.

[Update]: After some deliberation (and considerable Paint Shop Pro tomfoolery) I decided to post the touched up version of the picture that I had originally posted.
posted: 26.10.05


Interesting job with the design. Can we please also have a choice of changing the background of your blog to cream/brown/you get what I am driving at, against which, I suspect, most of these lovely pics will look even better?


By Blogger Ink Spill, at 27.10.05  

I love the dark brooding color that rain clouds add to the colors of our surroundings/photos!

By Blogger ash, at 27.10.05  


I was checking the worth of your blog on technorati and it turn out to be $24,250, you can check that yourself also


By Anonymous Shalabh, at 28.10.05  

Uhm Inky, I'd love to.. but I don't know how to make your choice of colors persist across your visits. May be I should give your suggested color scheme a chance for a few days :-)

Thanks Ash. Hope you like the post processed version even better! I selected the sky out, decreased its brightness and increased the contrast for that one mean brooding sky :-)

Thanks for informing me Salabh! Anyone wants to buy my blog? I could buy a lot of my dream lenses (and travel to a lot of places) with that kind of dough :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 28.10.05  

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