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A musical meme from Deirdre
Deirdre passed me a meme (I bring Narcissus immense pride by using three ‘me’s in one sentence). Music to me is life, and I usually prattle off basic necessities of life as – Air, Music, Water, Food, and in same order. It is therefore, a pleasure putting this entry together.

Total volume of music on my computer: 8.6 GB and stagnant. Thanks to my Sony Hi-MD player, I’ve been extremely tardy in ripping the CDs that I brought recently. I copy them to my hard disk in Sony’s proprietary (ATRAC3) format (sob!), transfer them to my player and delete the original copy. With a playback time of roughly 30 hrs per AA alkaline, and at roughly 17 hrs per disc (132 kbps), the mini-disc is my primary repertory for my favorite music these days.

The last CD I brought: My last two CDs were birthday gifts from a friend (they came together and so I mention both) – Classic Yo-Yo (Yo-Yo Ma and others, Sony Classical) and Handel’s Water Music (Martin Pearlman conducting Boston Baroque, Telarc). The one’s I purchased last were Haydn’s String Quartets Op. 50, “Prussian” Nos. 1-3 (Kodláy Quartet, Naxos) and C. P. E. Bach’s (Johann Sebastian Bach’s second son) Sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord WQ. 83-87 (Béla Drahos, Flute and Zsuzsa Pertis, Harpsichord, Naxos).

Song playing right now: Azaadi, from A. R. Rahman’s latest soundtrack Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose – The Forgotten Hero.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me: Western classical dominates my listening habits so I really don’t have ‘songs’ that I can list down, but here are “works” I often find myself turning to for my moments of heaven on earth:

  1. Felix Mendelssohn’s Venetian Gondola Song – the last of his six Op. 30 Songs Without Words (Sylvia Capova)

  2. Frédéric Chopin’s Nocturne No. 6 in G minor, Op 15, No. 3 (Samson François)

  3. Joseph Haydn’s String Quartet in A-flat major, Op. 20, No. 6 (Hagen Quartet)

  4. Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 28 in A major, Op. 101 (Alfred Brendel)

  5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major, K.467, (John O’Conor with Sir Charles Mackerras conducting Scottish Chamber Orchestra)

So Deirdre, in light of this list, whom do you think is a bigger dag :-)?

ThreeFour people whom I pass the baton to:
posted: 26.5.05


Deepak, that list is so lovely I don't even recognise anything on it...
(Well, maybe one or two.)

The fact you would live on music and air, before thinking about water and food, sounds like a beautiful song in itself.

By Blogger Deirdre, at 26.5.05  

Hey Deepak,

I really identified with that last one you have mentioned on that list - Mozart's Piano Concerto #21. Lovely stuff.

By Blogger jhgasuhvkjahklnsdlksnlknmlwvlckn, at 26.5.05  

Baton taken :)

By Blogger sajith, at 26.5.05  

Ok here goes dude, I take up the baton and try to live upto it :-)

1.Total volume of music on my computer:- Umm...mmmm...several folders full of them? Being illiterate as I am in GBs, KBs and the like I can't throw numbers at you ;-)

The last CD I brought: Trilok Gurtu's latest album Broken Rhythms - have to post a review on it. It's mindblowing stuff!

Song playing right now: "Tu m'ennuies, j'ai sommeil" frm Pascal Heni's Concert Evolutifs Double CD album.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
this would have to be Five Cds, sinc eI can't narrow it down to Five songs :-)
1. Crossroads - BonJovi (you know why!)
2.Mystic India - for it's sheer rhythms
3.Rhydhun - it features Zakir Hussain, Alla Rakha, Shankar Mahadevan along with Taufiq - need I say more?
4. Yesterday no more - a fabulous collection of Oldies from the 50s and 60s - divine stuff!
5. ABBA GOlden Hits - they still rock! :-)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 26.5.05  

I like all the Chopin Nocturnes I have heard including the one in G minor that you mention.

'Azaadi' plays a lot on my Winamp at work. :) The movie (NSCB - A forgotten Hero) was a damp squib though. Benegal was all over the place with this one.

By Anonymous Avis, at 26.5.05  

Overhead transmission :(

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 26.5.05  

like your list Deepak - makes another classical freak like me feel a bit less abnormal. Did you ever try any 20th century stuff though?...Other than the Indian music - don't know the one you mention but love a lot of it...

By Blogger granny p, at 27.5.05  

:-) Well, thanks for passing this along Deirdre.

Lovely indeed Rajesh! My other favorite Piano Concertos by Mozart are No. 20, 24, 27.

Thanks for taking it up Sajith!

Thanks for taking the plung Geets!

Haven't seen the movie Avis - recommended?

:), I am copying pasting this onto your blog Inky!

Hi Granny, yes I did (and do occasionally) venture to relatively newer stuff. Favorites include ABBA, Duran Duran (very very few of their songs, Ordinary World stands out), Dave Matthews Band, Corrs and Collective Soul.

Don't like most of 20th century classical - Stravinsky, Schoenberg and more rencetly the likes of Philip Glass, John Coriglano haven't offered anything that I can call my favorite. I guess they'll be appreciated 2 centuries from now :-)

Would you care to pick the meme? I'd love to see what a fellow classical fan likes!

By Blogger Deepak, at 30.5.05  

All of Beethoven's Symphonies Online from the BBC

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5.6.05  

Okay picked!

Total volume of music on my computer: 25GB +

Last CD I brought: Vladimir Horowitz

Song Playing right now: Theme (piano) from Schindler's List by John Williams.

Five Songs:

1. Chopin's Polonaise Op.40. No.1 in A major {Military} and Waltz in D flat major Op.64 No.1 (Minute) (mostly all of him!)
2. Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D
3. Mozart - Rondo alla Turca
4. Vivaldi - Spring (from the four seasons)
5. Beethoven's Pathetique!!

I ofcourse haven't been able to write my heavy metal favs! 5 songs isn't fair enough! :(

By Blogger R, at 6.6.05  

Hey Aditi! Thanks for picking up the meme. You are most welcome to "cheat" i.e. to include your heavy metal favorites and make this list bigger than just 5 entries!

By Blogger Deepak, at 7.6.05  

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