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Hampi Visit - VI. Finale: II. Presto (in pictures)
From Lotus Mahal, we moved on to the near by elephant stables – a row of domed, cavernous cells constructed back to back.


Each rock that is part of the Hazara Rama temple is engraved with a scene from Ramayana; which gives the temple its name (Hazara = 1,000).


Nearby was one of the most well known sights from Hampi (next only to the stone chariot perhaps) – the Communal Bath. Pyramids of schist steps on all four sides lead you down into a progressively narrower area. Descending into this structure is like descending into an open inverted pyramid


Outside the temple is a seemingly endless row of primitive, squat, open structures. This was another of the erstwhile popular bazaars that now lie in complete ruins.

posted: 5.4.05


VERY impressive snaps! You considering an alternate career??

By Blogger Manjusha, at 5.4.05  

was taken back to hampi again with your pics :) the elephant stables were really grand!

By Blogger Anita, at 5.4.05  

Nice pics. Thanks for sharing your pics and experiences on this trip. Very enjoyable. Must visit this place with my camera sometime.

By Anonymous Avis, at 5.4.05  

Thanks Manjusha! Though I don't think you would prod me towards an alternative career if you were to look at the pictures that I did not post (50 or so ;-)).

Thanks for dropping by Anita!

Thanks Avis! Oh you must!! Hampi is the veritable photographer's heaven!

By Blogger Deepak, at 5.4.05  

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