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Ostrich Mantra
Tell me, why should I twitch
at worldly matters on hand
When I can be an Ostrich
with head buried in sand

On a totally unrelated note, I couldn’t help posting this picture:


The pollens of this flower form a structure that looks like a flustered old man who has been rudely awakened from his afternoon siesta.

I vaguely remember good doc advising me to avoid contact sports for a month. I think the good doc – knowing well that I don’t (yet) play rugby - was subtly telling me to avoid Brigade road (and Forum) on Sundays.

On a totally totally totally unrelated note, I came across an Iraqi proverb that I found amusing yet profound:

“When a lion shows you its teeth, don’t assume that it is smiling”
posted: 17.3.05


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By Blogger Sunrayz, at 17.3.05  

Oops! I pressed the publish button before I finished the post! Just dropping by to say hello. I have been trying to post for awhile now but having problems. Regarding the poem-

Why be an Ostrich in the sand?
Why miss the glorious colours?
Why miss the day grand?
Why miss the blooming flowers?

Phew! Thought I could'nt come up with that one!
Have a great weekend!

By Blogger Sunrayz, at 17.3.05  

Life is but a change switch
With a "this" or "that" band
Whether one's poor or rich
Must sway(twitch)to this wand

By Blogger Smyta, at 18.3.05  

Hope your newly-repaired self did not suffer terribly at the hands of the crowds...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18.3.05  


At sunset of your grand day,
this sand assumes its golnden glory
This is where the seeds stay,
before flowers begin their story

and so Sunrayz, I'll pursue my sand for a bit :-)

Hi Smyta, here is my take on life in context of the Ostrich Mantra...

What is life I still don't know,
I think I'm on a small errand
So till it is my time to go
In sand my time I will expend

Hi Inkspill, I came out without getting squashed though next time I am heeding to good docs' advise - once trampled twice shy.

By Blogger Deepak, at 20.3.05  

Is that a petunia? Love those anecdotes. ROTFLMAO at the Iraqi quote :-)

By Blogger Geetanjali, at 22.3.05  

Life is just thoughts you sow
It's like a never found land
Time's sand is all you plough
Yet nothing is in your hand

Good one Deepak:-)

By Blogger Smyta, at 23.3.05  

Hi Geetanjali, Not sure what flower it is :-(

By Blogger Deepak, at 27.3.05  

Thanks Smyta!

By Blogger Deepak, at 27.3.05  

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