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Quick update
The sudden flurry of activity in my life, ensured the relative absence of the same from my blog. There are times when your blog ceases to be a reflection of your life.

I write this as I wait at Delhi airport for my Deccan Airways flight to Bangalore. I wish there was an equivalent of floo powder that allowed you to travel through TV screens. The Indian cricket team is in Bangalore. I would have stepped into the TV screen during the live telecast of the India Pakistan test match and would have found myself comfortably dangling from the giant screen at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. It's just a low jump and a quick auto ride home from there.

I suspect that after last eleven days of whirlwind touring, several of my organs are going to loudly announce their presence once I am home tonight. For now I will just jot down my itinerary for 26 days, so that I can marvel at it next year. The exercise also allows me to offer hints about what would occupy my blog for next few days..

Bangalore -> Hyderabad -> Chennai -> Bangalore -> Mumbai -> Bangalore -> Hyderabad -> Vijaywada -> Hyderabad -> Vizag -> Delhi -> Bangalore!!!!
posted: 25.3.05


how is air deccan ? i recently asked my travel guys to book me on air deccan from chennai to kolkata but they made it look like i will never reach kolkata on time with air deccan and i flew by jet airways instead. according to the travel guys, air deccan often cancels their flight which is not good if we are trying to reach a destination in time.

By Blogger Richard Hsu, at 25.3.05  

So many places!! I guess it's a good thing they are all in the same time zone.

By Blogger Manjusha, at 26.3.05  

Hope you can take your music with you...happy landings

By Blogger granny p, at 26.3.05  

Hi Richard! I've traveled via Air Deccan only thrice and fortunately I've been spared the delays on each occasion. Yes they do need to sort out their schedules. They are flying only a limited number of planes - especially on bigger sectors; for instance the plane I boarded from Delhi was one that had flown in from Mumbai barely 20 minutes before the departure time. I've heard horror stories about flight cancellations on short intra-state sectors (Hyderabad - Vizag for instance) so a little prudence is advisable. But overall I am quite happy for three reasons:

* Unbeatable fares (ok so you even pay for water in the flight but I am not complaining). I did Delhi-Bangalore for under 3.7k - compare that to the regular Jet fare of about 10k!

* No nonsense website - do check out – http://www.airdeccan.net - you can not only search for the cheapest fares, you can also book your tickets online.

* No frills - sometimes all I want to do is get to my destination without bidding for cutesy items on board (ever flown focussed_on_frills_flawed_on_fundamentals Sahara?). I like the frugal, frills-free attitude of Deccan. (For reasons same as reasons for using Notepad instead of Word ;-))

p.s. On my flight to Delhi, they even had a 2 hr in-flight video entertainment capsule! Caveat? Pay Rs. 30 for the headphones :-)

Hi Manjusha! Unfortunately that doesn't stop me from feeling Jet Lagged ;-)

Hi Granny! The itinerary is for the 26 days gone by. Back in Bangalore now and this time I hope to see the summers through. Oh yes I did carry music - some 80 hours or so of music :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 27.3.05  

Wow! That is a lot of travelling. Look forward to you recounting some of your experiences.

PS: I flew deccan twice (del-blore-del) and it sucked. Total mismanagement, delayed flights, dumb nincompoops for ground staff, not enough food on board even if you are willing to pay for it. And paying 30 bux for the headphones is most ridiculous and you don't even get to keep them. But I would still fly the airline just for the money. ;) hee hee

By Anonymous Avis, at 27.3.05  

Just stopped by to say hello! Long time no hear, and now I see why :) Notice lots of Hyderabad being mentioned? Look forward to stories of mah hometown in your upcoming travelogues! :)

By Blogger Megha, at 28.3.05  

Hi Avis, well at least that is better than working the cost of the headphones into the fare ;-).

Hi Megha, I don't think I've ever hopped to Hyderabad as many times in a month! The *real* tales however, come from Vijaywada and Vizag :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 28.3.05  

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