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My disaster proneness was recently reasserted (along with Murphy’s fond affection for me). I was about to step into a car and just then I was halted a couple of steps short from the car’s door by a loud report. Our car was parked under a tall, not-so-shady coconut tree. The breeze had stirred the tree, causing a coconut to fall down on the road with a crash. I had heard that coconuts usually don’t fall on people’s head. Before I could rejoice at the validity of this ancient wisdom or offer a word of thank to my guardian angels, the tree was rustled again by a strong draught of breeze. This time a dried coconut leaf yielded to the wind and fell straight on me. Now a coconut leaf is not what you think of when you generally think of a leaf. A dried frond with its thick dry stalk and protruding leaf blades is only marginally blunter than glass shards. Fortunately I just sustained minor bruises on my left arm; though I was glued to my spot for a few seconds in a state of shock and utter disbelief. Lesson learnt – never get into a car parked under a coconut tree!

Work took me to the convention center at the Viceroy Hotel in Hyderabad on 2nd March. The architects of the place had vainly attempted to emulate the grandeur of baroque era. Though in places it was all very tastefully done, it fell short of recapitulating the magnificence of 16th-17th centuries and at times the decor bordered tawdriness. I could sense a degree of restrain (perhaps for the fear of offending our 21st century sensibilities) as the display of their baroque intentions was limited only to sculptures. I saw no murals. Still, these neo-quasi-baroque cherubs in the courtyard had their own peculiar charm:


My visit to Chennai a day later saw me setting a new example of absent mindedness. While coming back to Bangalore, I forgot my suitcase at the Hotel. It was only when I had reached the airport, just in time for the flight, did I realize my folly and that too only when my colleague pulled out his suitcase from the car’s boot. (Deepak, don’t you think you were in possession of a somewhat similar contraption). A friend kindly consented to pick it up from the hotel for safekeeping so I expect to have it back very soon.

And finally, I must officially welcome spring to Bangalore:



Though as I write this from my apartment’s living room, I can feel pressing need for the fan to be switched on; which means that we are already fast slipping into summers.
posted: 5.3.05


Take care Deepak.

Meanwhile let us be thankful that elephants don't fly and pumpkins don't grow on trees and such :)

The first photograph, I liked it very much.

By Blogger sajith, at 5.3.05  

glad you're recovered Deepakg. Or that I am not the only person to forget a suitcase...(didn't get mine back,either.) Aso for the coconut; commiserations on the one hand, total envy on the other. Plenty of palms on my Canary Island. But none as beautiful as that.

By Blogger granny p, at 5.3.05  

Thank God for eventful lives!
Loved the last picture.

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 6.3.05  

Thanks Sajith!

Dear Granny, I understand commiserations but envy ;-)?

Thanks ink_spill. Eventful ..ahm... life's been trying to be more eventful than I can handle ;-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 6.3.05  

Fantastic pictures.

By Blogger gvenum, at 6.3.05  

Hope you and your luggage are soon reunited.

Nice pics! Stay safe. :)

By Anonymous Avis, at 7.3.05  

Thanks gvenum!

Thanks Avis!

By Blogger Deepak, at 8.3.05  

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