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Hampi Visit - IV. Adagio maestoso (in pictures)
"Within minutes of clearing the tollgate, our bus passed by the magnificent fort-like Bellary Central Jail situated atop a hill. I managed a shot or two of the structure as our bus slowed down in the chaotic traffic."


"The sun had begun its westward plunge by the time we resumed our remaining journey. I caught the last few rays of a beautiful sunset through a view cluttered with billboards, electricity poles and wires, as we stood waiting at a crossing."

posted: 22.2.05


Love the pictures. Hope you drive down on your next vacation and stop to take a picture whenever your heart fancies!

On an unrelated note: You've been reading "Great Expectations" and "The Merchant of Venice" for close to a hundred years now...


By Blogger Ink Spill, at 22.2.05  

Thanks Ink Spill!

Point taken. Not over a hundred years but quite close :-). Calls for an explanation - I tend to slow down when reading classics - at times because the language is tedious by modern standards but for most of the times delibrately so to enjoy wading through the literary flourish that authors of that generation used to invest their writing with. Let me give an example, our protagnist (in Great Expectations) while dining, could state that he didn't get his fair share of pork but this is how he puts it instead:

"... and with those obscure corners of pork of which the pig, when living, had had the least reason to be vain."

I finished Merchant of Venice a while ago. The second book in the side bar is usually the one I've finished before the one on top of it (complicated ;-)?)

I'll be done soon with the last 60 or so pages I'm left reading from Great Expectations. Make that I hope I'll be done soon :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 22.2.05  

Glad you're back posting - despite reading matter and sore stomach. Hope it's improving. By the way - I'm sure you've visited on other temple trips - I'm still hoping - do you know if Mahabalipuram survived the Tsunami intact? I can't find any information

By Blogger granny p, at 22.2.05  

Dickens writes like only Dickens can write. He is not loved and appreciated as much as he ought to in today's times. Enjoy your book!

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 22.2.05  

Hello Granny, I got this information from a fellow blogger, Anita:

"The Mahabalipuram Shore Temple was not badly affected but the area around it bears proof of the damage done. 80 shops just outside were totally destroyed."

I haven't visited Mahabalipuram in past, but it is high on my list!

Indeed Ink_Spill, I wonder why they don't write like that any longer... And yes, I finished Great Expectations in two stretched reading sessions :-). On to Crichton's Timeline (talk about contrasts!).

By Blogger Deepak, at 23.2.05  

nice to visit your blog after some time. just because i completed my degree at Bellary and your snaps made me go back 3 years!!
thanks ...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23.2.05  

Lovely photo! I remember that fort ....so many memories! :)

By Blogger Sunrayz, at 23.2.05  

Thanks Deepak - that's good news

By Blogger granny p, at 24.2.05  

I absolutely loved Timeline. However, I hear the film is horrible.
I really enjoy your Italian titles. As a western classical music student, it makes me feel quite at home.

By Anonymous Brina, at 24.2.05  

Thanks Anonymous!

Thanks Sunrayz!

That's a pity! The book looked like it was cut out for a movie; in fact at times it felt like I was actually reading a movie's screenplay!

Thanks Brina - I had conceived the Hampi write-up as a 5/6 part symphony, hence the titles. But I am so glad you can relate to it, most of my friends don't :-).

By Blogger Deepak, at 24.2.05  

Hey Deepak,

That's a nice pic of Bellary Rock fort.It was built by Tippu Sultan and is just a fort on the hill.The Bellary Central jail is about 4 Kms from this hill.

Your pic brought back many memories .I spent my childhood playing in the rocks of this hill as my house is about 100 feet from the stairway to this magnificent rock hill.Many of my friends still live at the foot of this hill.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25.6.05  

Johnzie beat me to it!
That's the Bellary Fort, not the Jail. The Jail is just below the hill. I lived at a stones throw from the hill for 4 years from 1998 to 2002. The south face of this hill is a single huge rock. However the north face which I used to stare at from my terrace, is a cluster of large, rounded rocks and looks like a heap of potatoes from a distance.
Thanks for the pic. It revived memories :-)

By Blogger Santanu, at 8.10.05  

Hey Johnzie, Santanu many thanks for the correction!

By Blogger Deepak, at 9.10.05  

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