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The Young Tree
It is my wont to stand alone
To wither away with none to mourn
Though now I burn in Sun’s ague
I know this well, I’ll outlast you

(Taken from the moving bus on way to Bellari in Karnataka from Mantralaya in Andhra Pradesh)
posted: 1.2.05


Beautiful! Reminds me of the lone palm tree in the wasteland near Saket (close to the Marriott). Like a drop of green ink that flew from God's pen when He was shaking it vigorously!

By Blogger Ink Spill, at 1.2.05  

Nice pic. Its got that 'Swades' feel somewhere in it. Pale blue skies, earthy tones, barren lands, etc. etc. :)

By Blogger adel, at 1.2.05  

Hi Ink Spill! There were many such splendid trees I saw on the way.. if only the bus drivers were sensitive to photographic fancies of their passengers [I guess I'd still be somewhere between Mantralaya and Bellari even now ;-)]

Hi Adel! Though I've seen Swades only in posters, I am inclined to agree with your observation - after all this pic has been taken in Swades :)

By Blogger Deepak, at 4.2.05  

Brilliant picture.

By Blogger gvenum, at 5.2.05  

Thanks [gvenum]!

p.s. My picture host is down *sigh*, should be back up soon.

By Blogger Deepak, at 7.2.05  

Alone in a world of strangers
Bloom or wither never matters
Whether someone cares or mourns
Things go on and time adjourns

By Blogger Smyta, at 25.2.05  

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