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Man and Moon
While the right words answer my summons to appear for my travelogues, I thought I would start posting pictures that either share little context with the recent Hampi visit or could pass with minimal background information:

I took this picture when clicking the sunset near Tungabhadra Dam. As the sun began its downward plunge, the moon sprang up into prominence right behind. Accidentally, it being a busy road, the head of this gentleman passing on his bike, aligned itself more or less perfectly under the moon (visible here as a faint pale blemish exactly in the middle of the two towers) - giving the entire composition an eerie, surreal feel.

P.J.: The guy must’ve had a really bright idea for the entire moon to be glowing over his head!
posted: 28.1.05


Some awesome pictures in your blog and this ones an exceptionally well taken coincidential picture!! You can make that gentleman famous...

By Blogger Archana, at 29.1.05  

Your pictures made me curious - what kind of camera do you use for these?

The blog wanderer

By Blogger Sheeshers, at 29.1.05  

hey, sorry to put this here on an earlier topic, thought you might not read it, so!

Beethoven's hair seems really intereting.. ppl get so crazy at times!
In case you haven't read it already, I guess you would like "A Tiger for Malgudi" by Narayan as well. You get to look at the world through the eyes of a tiger!!

This picture is great, but I somehow like "towers and wires" more than "man and moon" :D


By Blogger R, at 30.1.05  

Thanks Archana!

Hi Sheesher - I use a Minolta DImage XT 3.2 megapixel. It's a tiny pocket camera - the sorts that professionals would pooh-pooh, though I've been able to coax good results out of it!

Thanks for the recommendation Aditi! I'll definitely pick it up. And btw - blogger sends me e-mail notifications each time I get a comment, so I wouldn't have missed your comment in the earlier post either :-)

By Blogger Deepak, at 30.1.05  

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