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Proximity to your subject and ambient light conditions can lead to dramatic pictures that bear no resemblance to their original subject whatsoever; pictures that are wide open to varied interpretations. This is especially true (as I recently discovered) if you happen to be clicking lamp-shades:

The pictures above are not that of a Manhattan skyscraper but that of a fancy wooden cage encasing a light bulb.

The patterns; cast by the light emanating from the wooden shade, on the bushes flanking it on either side might lead you into believing that I clicked glowing wings of some mystic mythical creature. Pictures cannot get any more deceptively untrue than this:

Here is what our subject looked like in reality:

The picture below might remind you of a quaint old haveli

In reality it was just a fancy lampshade made of iron and glass:

posted: 27.6.04


I really appreciate the way you presented the illusions. It speaks volumes about your creativity...simply amazing...keep the good work going:-)

By Blogger Gutsy, at 28.6.04  

This is great stuff!!!! very very impressive!!!

By Blogger semantic overload, at 29.6.04  

The Haveli close up was nifty ... which camera do u use (not that its imp for the kind of shots you have here)... just curious :) - Avis

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29.6.04  

Thanks Gutsy, SemanticOverload.

Hi Avis, I use Minolta DIMage XT 3.2 Mega Pixel Camera. Like all digital cameras that are a year old, this too fast headed towards obsoloscence, though I'll definitely recommend it to anyone even today :-)

Do check - http://www.dpreview.com/ for Digital Camera reviews and news.

By Blogger Deepak, at 29.6.04  

hey deepak i am a regular visitor to dpreview - its a gr8 dgcam review site ... plan to get myself a Nikon D70 6mp dgslr :) and a couple of nikkor lenses sometime this year.

speaking of old cams, I have had a sony dsc p50 for the last 2 yrs and i would still recommend it to any one on a budget if only it were not out of prodn.

going through the pics you have got here, i found the macros of snowflakes, dew and the spider web most remarkable. and the stone age electric toaster actually looks like one!!

also something very uncanny... at least 5 of the pics i saw on different pages of your blog bear more than a passing resemblance to some of the pics i have clicked over the last two years! the swings, the construction site, the butterflies, orange clouds, the bee on a flower, the parking lot from air!

see www.photo.net for some interesting work by amateurs.

keep clickin! - Avis

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30.6.04  

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