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Close call...

Never in last three years, since I started flying, have I had this close a call with my flight. A call for passengers to board the flight was made while I was waiting for my turn to check-in! Despite moderate traffic, the desk clerk was exceptionally slow in her regular chores, abruptly abandoning her seat twice, adding to my anxiety and frustration. So when I was greeted with "have a pleasant flight", it was quite natural for my flustered self to reciprocate it with a caustic "which is if I can board it ". Suddenly everyone around me appeared to be hatching a plot to keep me in Delhi for a little longer. The city it seemed would devour me; Unlike The Swan Lake, this story was bound to have a better ending and I could take the flight just in time (though sometime I feel a lot like Siegfried, more on it some other time). Next time I have a vacant seat next to me in the plane, I would spare a thought about the person who missed his/her flight (besides enjoying the rare luxury of extra space in cramped economy quarters). My spate of misery continued as I was to suffer seat 31 B (last seat in the aircraft that doesn't recline!)

Landing in Bangalore restored me to my regular, playful, jovial self. Even the routine outside temperature announcement in plane felt like a charming spell (It was a youthful 23 outside and not over-the-hill 33 that I was increasingly getting accustomed to) An instrumental rendition of "Any dream will do" from "Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat", playing in the plane when it landed, couldn't have come at more opportune moment! Another first, I was the first person to get down the plane (can�t recall being so keen to get out of the plane *ever*) and found it a waste to be taking bus from runway to the arrival gate of the airport, when you could walk that distance (another sign that I was fast returning to normalcy). The sight of a distant runway, illuminated by diminutive, parallel, blue lights, was exhilarating. The breeze (though choked with burnt aviation fuel) seemed to have a strange kind of elating impact on me. Far away, the air shimmered like in hot desert, creating a mirage of flickering water...

A quick reflection on my inexplicable petulance of last few days revealed that though I adapt to a new place fast, I hate to be moved around once I've settled in. Live, learn, enjoy (and occasionally, blog it!)
posted: 10.7.03

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